mardi 12 décembre 2017

Music videos on Youtube are posted by the TV companies' themselves

Mainstream media want you to think that music videos you see on Youtube are uploaded by ordinary people.

But almost all the music videos you see on Youtube clearly come from the TV companies' themselves. It's obvious. You have music videos which date back to de 70's or even the 60's. And the quality is incredibly good. If it came from the average Joe, it would come from very old VCRs. Then regarding the age of those devices the image and even sound quality would be horrible. You would have all those image deteriorations you can see on old VCR tapes.

And regarding the videos from the 60's, VCRs didn't even exist at this time. The VCR format was introduced only in 1972. And the first one, the N1500 recorder, cost nearly £600, the price of a small car. So, how can you have TV videos from the 60's on Youtube? You can because it's the TV companies which have uploaded them.

In my opinion, the goals there, are the following ones:
  • Making Youtube a very extremely attractive platform for watching videos. Without all those music videos, Youtube wouldn't have been such a success. And the Illuminatis need Youtube in order to influence people's behavior.
  • To accuse ordinary people of music piracy. Then promote not only laws against music piracy but also laws allowing governments to spy on people.

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