lundi 12 juin 2017

What do the predictable victories of Federer and Nadal in 2017 show us regarding tennis and sport in general

The predictable victories of Federer and Nadal this year (see my previous article) show us several things.

1) It means that the careers and victories of those two guys were planned from the beginning. This means that almost all their opponents were also part of the conspiracy, in order to let them win. Which means that tons of tennis matches are totally staged. And almost all the top 100 players are involved in this.

2) As those two guys couldn't bee Freemason at such a young age, this means they are most probably part of the Illuminati/Jewish dynasty.

3) So, it means that many if not most of the victories of many other champions were manufactured by Illuminati/Jewish leaders.

4) Of course, Illuminati/Jewish leaders plan some of those victories for political reasons.

This means that the victory of Yannick Noah at Roland Garros in 1983 was also staged. Illuminati/Jewish leaders needed a handsome charismatic mixed-race guy to win there in order to promote the massive immigration politics.

The fact that he also succeeded very well in music during the 90's (in France) shows us that he was an agent (and most probably a part of the Illuminati/Jewish dynasty). If he had been an ordinary guy, he would never have had such a successful career in music after the one in tennis.

Same thing for the victories of France at the Davis Cup of 1991 and 1996 (with Noah as the captain of the team). Once again, it was made to promote race-mixing and massive immigration. This means that, in 1991, Pete Sampras lost on purpose.

Same thing again regarding football. The victory of France at the FIFA World Cup of 1998 was certainly staged for the same political goals.

We can also think that having many Spanish champions in Tennis (Nadal, Ferrer), Football (Barcelona, Madrid), bicycle (Alberto Contador), Formula 1 (Fernando Alonso) and motorcycle race (Jorge Lorenzo and Daniel Pedrosa) since the beginning of the 2000's was made to compensate the poor economic situation of Spain. With sport champions, people think less about their poor condition.

5) It also explain why one champion can have such variations of game quality between two matches in tennis. You can indeed have a first match where the guy plays incredibly well and wins, and the next match where he plays very bad and loses. This is because the guy loses voluntarily (very clear with Thiem and Wawrinka at Roland Garros this year, but you have many examples of this in each tournament).

Of course, it applies also to other sports.

6) Illuminati/Jewish leaders use also those victories as celebrations for their god. It was clear with the victories of Federer and Nadal this year (10-10-10 and 666 everywhere).

3 commentaires:

  1. Regarding the 2017 US Open, I think Federer will win it. I thought that the Illuminatis would make him win "only" 18 Grand Slams, in order to have a 666 (18=6+6+6). So, I thought he wouldn't win Wimbledon. But, as he has won it, I think their plan is the following one.

    They will make Federer win the US Open. Thus, he will have 20 majors. And they will make Nadal win 16 Grand Slams. Thus, together, Federer and Nadal will have 36 Grand Slams, that is 3x6=6+6+6 (666) (or 18+18=6+6+6+6+6+6).

    However, this prediction is less sure than the ones I made for the Australian Open and the French Open, which were quite obvious.

    About Wimbledon, we can notice that it was the 8th time Fererer won it. And the final was the 16th of July, that is 8+8. I think the presence of the 8 is related to the fact that Federer is from Switzerland. It seems that for this Country, Illuminatis use often this number.

  2. And Federer is born the 8/8/1981. So, once again 88.

  3. So, I was wrong on this one. Federer finally lost against Del Potro. Maybe there is a numerological signification I don't know about number 19 (I am far from being a specialist about those things). If so, maybe they will make him win only 19 Grand Slams. We will see.

    Otherwise, once again about number 8, I have discover the link with 666. I you add all the numbers before 8 (8 include), it makes 36. And if you add all the numbers until 36, you get 666. So 8 is in fact a 666 in disguise. This is why they say that Federer is born the 8/8/1981 (this is most probably false). And this is why they made him win its 8th Wimbledon the 16th of July.