mercredi 14 février 2018

Are we in a kind of stealth planned economy at world level?

When we see that all big companies are controlled by Illuminati/Jewish leaders, the question of the planning of the economy comes to the mind.

Indeed, all big companies are under the power of the "Dynasty". Just look at all the illuminati logos, the chairmen's origin, the links between those companies, etc…

All political leaders of all the governments are also members of this Dynasty.

Then, if all the main companies, all the major economic sectors and all the countries are in the hands of Illuminati/Jewish leaders, it means that everything that happens in the economic field is planned by them. So, we are in some sort of communist state at world level. In communist countries, all economics events were decided by the elite. And it is the same thing here.

The difference here is that: 1) all of this is hidden; 2) salaries are not equal. So, we are more in a sort of stealth planned economy at world level.

It means that all the deaths of big societies are phony. For example, the nearly death of Nokia was certainly planned by Illuminati/Jewish leaders.

Same thing for the slow or fast ascension of new big companies. They are all planned by Illuminati/Jewish leaders. For example, the rise of computer companies like Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Dell, HP, Samsung, Sony, etc, was planned from the beginning. But the elite makes you think that the creation of those companies just comes from brilliant guys who created their company in a garage or who had an incredibly strong will. Of course, those guys are members of the Illuminati/Jewish dynasty put there in order to make dream ordinary people.

When a company makes "errors", it is because it was decided that way. And when it creates a great product and not its competitors, it's the same thing.

And we can think that Illuminati/Jewish leaders create artificial movements in the economic field often just to maintain the illusion that we really are in a free economy. It can be also for economic or political purposes. But, often, it's just to create this illusion of movements.

So, when you company is sold to another one or is merged with another one, this is not for the reason they tell you but frequently to maintain this illusion.

The creation of new big societies and the death of ancient ones are done in order to create this illusion of movement. And occasionally, they don't even bother to kill or create a company; they just change its name, and it's enough to make people forget about the ancient one.

Sometime, they also need to adapt the market to new situations. So, they can kill some firms in order to make prices increase. It means that there are also economic motivations behind that. But it's always decided by the Dynasty.

If there weren't so many economic events and movements, people would finally understand that we don't really live in a free economy, but in a planned one controlled by just few people. Then, their motivation to work would collapse.

They would cease to believe in the international economic war. They would know that when the economy of a country is favored or not, it isn't mainly because their natives are bad or good workers, but because the Illuminati/Jewish leaders have just decided it to be this way. They wouldn't believe anymore in the competition between society X vs. society Y or Z.

And of course, they would finally begin to protest against this masquerade.

Regarding small companies, I think it's different. A lot of them are not owned by the Elite, but by ordinary people (maybe 80 %). It's like in Russia during the communist era. Farmers were able to sell a small amount of food for their own profit. This allows motivating people to work. But if one firm reaches a certain size, the Elite will take it over (either by buying it, controlling it or killing it).

About medium-sized enterprises, it is probably balanced. If the size of the company is not too big, and if the economic sector is not economically of politically strategic for the Illuminatis, they will probably let it be owned by an ordinary guy. If it isn't the case, they will take it over. But if the sector is important for them, most of the time, they will have created the company themselves.

However, many small and medium companies are owned by people indirectly controlled of the Illuminatis, like ordinary Jews. Because of the importance of the group in the Jewish culture, Jewish people are strongly tied to their community. So, they will comply with orders coming from the Elite.

Some of them are also controlled by ordinary people who, because of their economic success, have been introduced to freemasonry and have become middle level Freemasons. Those people are not part of the elite and its conspiracy. But as they have benefited of helps from freemasonry, and have sworn fidelity to it, they are forced to obey to injunctions from high level freemasons. Or else, they know there will be retaliations. So, they become puppets of the Elite.

So, regarding the part of medium companies owned by ordinary guys, maybe 30 % of them are. The rest is directly or indirectly controlled by the Illuminatis/Jewish leaders.

But, regarding medium companies, even if an ordinary guy owns one, the Illuminatis will easily control it. For example, many firms are just subcontractors for big companies. So, very often, they are controlled by big companies which can force them to accept low prices in order to still work with them.

In the conspirationist sphere, agents working for the Elite don't want you to understand that. So, even if they tell you that big firms are controlled by the Illuminatis, they will make you think that there are still fights between members of the Elite and that it's why you have all those events and movements in the big companies' domain. For example, they will make you think that there is a battle between Illuminatis from China or Russia and those from the USA. Or they will tell you that some economic interests have pushed this or that faction of the Elite to take control of some sector of the economic field or of such company. But it's false.

mardi 12 décembre 2017

Music videos on Youtube are posted by the TV companies' themselves

Mainstream media want you to think that music videos you see on Youtube are uploaded by ordinary people.

But almost all the music videos you see on Youtube clearly come from the TV companies' themselves. It's obvious. You have music videos which date back to de 70's or even the 60's. And the quality is incredibly good. If it came from the average Joe, it would come from very old VCRs. Then regarding the age of those devices the image and even sound quality would be horrible. You would have all those image deteriorations you can see on old VCR tapes.

And regarding the videos from the 60's, VCRs didn't even exist at this time. The VCR format was introduced only in 1972. And the first one, the N1500 recorder, cost nearly £600, the price of a small car. So, how can you have TV videos from the 60's on Youtube? You can because it's the TV companies which have uploaded them.

In my opinion, the goals there, are the following ones:
  • Making Youtube a very extremely attractive platform for watching videos. Without all those music videos, Youtube wouldn't have been such a success. And the Illuminatis need Youtube in order to influence people's behavior.
  • To accuse ordinary people of music piracy. Then promote not only laws against music piracy but also laws allowing governments to spy on people.

lundi 12 juin 2017

What do the predictable victories of Federer and Nadal in 2017 show us regarding tennis and sport in general

The predictable victories of Federer and Nadal this year (see my previous article) show us several things.

1) It means that the careers and victories of those two guys were planned from the beginning. This means that almost all their opponents were also part of the conspiracy, in order to let them win. Which means that tons of tennis matches are totally staged. And almost all the top 100 players are involved in this.

2) As those two guys couldn't bee Freemason at such a young age, this means they are most probably part of the Illuminati/Jewish dynasty.

3) So, it means that many if not most of the victories of many other champions were manufactured by Illuminati/Jewish leaders.

4) Of course, Illuminati/Jewish leaders plan some of those victories for political reasons.

This means that the victory of Yannick Noah at Roland Garros in 1983 was also staged. Illuminati/Jewish leaders needed a handsome charismatic mixed-race guy to win there in order to promote the massive immigration politics.

The fact that he also succeeded very well in music during the 90's (in France) shows us that he was an agent (and most probably a part of the Illuminati/Jewish dynasty). If he had been an ordinary guy, he would never have had such a successful career in music after the one in tennis.

Same thing for the victories of France at the Davis Cup of 1991 and 1996 (with Noah as the captain of the team). Once again, it was made to promote race-mixing and massive immigration. This means that, in 1991, Pete Sampras lost on purpose.

Same thing again regarding football. The victory of France at the FIFA World Cup of 1998 was certainly staged for the same political goals.

We can also think that having many Spanish champions in Tennis (Nadal, Ferrer), Football (Barcelona, Madrid), bicycle (Alberto Contador), Formula 1 (Fernando Alonso) and motorcycle race (Jorge Lorenzo and Daniel Pedrosa) since the beginning of the 2000's was made to compensate the poor economic situation of Spain. With sport champions, people think less about their poor condition.

5) It also explain why one champion can have such variations of game quality between two matches in tennis. You can indeed have a first match where the guy plays incredibly well and wins, and the next match where he plays very bad and loses. This is because the guy loses voluntarily (very clear with Thiem and Wawrinka at Roland Garros this year, but you have many examples of this in each tournament).

Of course, it applies also to other sports.

6) Illuminati/Jewish leaders use also those victories as celebrations for their god. It was clear with the victories of Federer and Nadal this year (10-10-10 and 666 everywhere).

vendredi 27 janvier 2017

Why Federer will win the Australian Open

Federer has reached 2017 Australian Open final. We can be quite sure he will win it. Why ? Because sport is controlled by the Illuminatis. Federer is an Illuminati. And if he wins, you will have a conjunction of 666. The final will happen the 29th of January. 2x9 = 18=6+6+6, that is 666. 2017 is the 18th year after 2000, so 666 again. And if he wins, it will be its 18th Grand Slam, so, once again, 666. 666 is supposed to be the mark of the beast for the Illuminatis. And X seems to also be one name of the beast. And Illuminatis like to repeat it three times. And, as we have seen, 666 is repeated three times here. So, it's the same as XXX.

You can also see XXX on the T-shirt of Federer :

Good luck Federer. Oh well… you don't need that.

As you can see, the horizontal lines of his t-shirt cross the oblique ones, which makes a lot of X's.
And on the left of his chest, you have two horizontal lines which cross 9 oblique lines. So, you have 18 X's, that is 6+6+6.

You also have 6 oblique lines near 3 oblique lines, that is, 6x3=18. You get 666 once again.

Maybe the Nike logo is a stylized eye of Horus.

So, making him wear this new t-shirt, here, was not a coincidence, it was made on purpose. For the Illuminatis, this t-shirt to the glory of their god will go hand in hand with his victory also to the glory of their god. Such devotion is admirable, indeed… 



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