vendredi 27 janvier 2017

Why Federer will win the Australian Open

Federer has reached 2017 Australian Open final. We can be quite sure he will win it. Why ? Because sport is controlled by the Illuminatis. Federer is an Illuminati. And if he wins, you will have a conjunction of 666. The final will happen the 29th of January. 2x9 = 18=6+6+6, that is 666. 2017 is the 18th year after 2000, so 666 again. And if he wins, it will be its 18th Grand Slam, so, once again, 666. 666 is supposed to be the mark of the beast for the Illuminatis. And X seems to also be one name of the beast. And Illuminatis like to repeat it three times. And, as we have seen, 666 is repeated three times here. So, it's the same as XXX.

You can also see XXX on the T-shirt of Federer :

Good luck Federer. Oh well… you don't need that.

As you can see, the horizontal lines of his t-shirt cross the oblique ones, which makes a lot of X's.
And on the left of his chest, you have two horizontal lines which cross 9 oblique lines. So, you have 18 X's, that is 6+6+6.

You also have 6 oblique lines near 3 oblique lines, that is, 6x3=18. You get 666 once again.

Maybe the Nike logo is a stylized eye of Horus.

So, making him wear this new t-shirt, here, was not a coincidence, it was made on purpose. For the Illuminatis, this t-shirt to the glory of their god will go hand in hand with his victory also to the glory of their god. Such devotion is admirable, indeed… 



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